As the new trend of super-imposing your views all over you profile pic takes hold – and those using the rainbow flag gradually become aware they have been duped into becoming part of a worldwide Facebook science project, one word has stood out for me in particular: Unfriend.

Everyone is unfriending each other. This is pretty interesting stuff.

Rainbows are unfriending Vaticans because they are vicious hateful bigots. Vaticans are unfriending Rainbows because they are in league with the devil (obviously). Plain profile pic-ers are unfriending both because they just want a quiet virtual life.

The thing about our virtual lives is that we can play God. I can literally stop you from existing in my virtual world at the click of a button. “Nah-nah-na-nah-nah! You-don’t-exist!”.


Well, maybe not stupid, but selfish – yes. It depends what you want to use social media for. If you want to create a private alternate universe where everyone agrees with everything you say then great! but if you want – for instance – to use it as Pope Benedict told us to – as a tool for evangelisation, then not so great.

Rainbow – “Why the hell (I don’t believe in hell by the way) can’t you understand that marriage is about LOVE. If two people feel that way about each other then they should be allowed to get married. Love is the strongest and most powerful feeling on the planet. #lovewins.”

Vatican – “Why the hell (i DO believe in hell) can’t you understand that a man and a woman’s body are meant for pro-creation and that marriage is a sacrament that real love is a choice not a feeling. Oh and by the way Christians do believe that #lovewins. We call it the Resurrection.”

Rainbow – “Can’t you see how bigoted you are being by trying to force your views on me? Your church is full of bullying haters who hate me and my gay friends and i’m not going to tolerate your stupid God crap. Instead i’m going to block you because i can’t stand to listen to your medieval rubbish any more. People like you need to be eradicated from society. #Tolerance #Diversity #RespectForAll.”

Vatican – “Can’t you see how bigoted you are being?! You are basically telling me that if i don’t comply with your new world order you are going to take my kids away! How dare you try to force your views on me and my children. People like you hate me and my Christian friends and i’m not going to tolerate your ‘groupthink’ liberal progressive atheist bullying. Instead i’m going to block you because i don’t want your filthy sexual perversion views tainting my clean and holy Facebook wall. People like you are going to Hell. You are not welcome. I’ll pray for you. #LordHelpMeTeachTransgressorsYourWays #LoveOneAnotherAsIHaveLovedYou #Forgiveness.”

Hyporcrites! Both of them!

The jewel in the crown of all this tho, is the Catholic Rainbows. The ones who openly profess to believe in a God and a church that they strongly disagree with. Hmmm… Yes. This is difficult. The vast majority of these guys that I have spoken to over the last few days simply do not know what the church teaches regarding marriage or the fact that the church completely condemns the discrimination of people experiencing same-sex attraction. They too believe that the church “hates gays” and that marriage is based on “love” and that love = feelings. Heck – most of the Catholics i’ve spoken to don’t even know what a sacrament is. Almost all of them are under the impression that the Pope agrees with Homosexuality because of the misinterpreted “Who am I to Judge?” comment. All of them agree with the use of artificial contraception.

This is seriously, seriously embarrassing for the church. The blatant ignorance of the people within the church regarding these issues is something that needs to be addressed – by the Bishops first and foremost, but also by the priests who should be prioritising this message and also by the faithful members of the church who’s job it is to evangelise.


Pope Paul VI tells us in Evangelii Nuntiandi in 1975 that the church exists in order to evangelize”. This statement was repeated By Pope Benedict XVI at the Thirteenth Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelisation in 2012 where he highlighted the fact that “The union of a man and a woman, their becoming “one flesh” in charity, in fruitful and indissoluble love, is a sign that speaks of God with a force and an eloquence which in our days has become greater because unfortunately, for various reasons, marriage, in precisely the oldest regions evangelized, is going through a profound crisis”.

He pointed to a link between the current crisis of faith and this crisis in marriage, because marriage is based on the grace of God that man of today no longer recognizes. To overcome this crisis, any crisis, we need to be newly reconciled with God.

In his homily, he said “in every time and place, evangelization always has as its starting and finishing points Jesus Christ, the Son of God (cf. Mk 1:1); and the Crucifix is the supremely distinctive sign of him who announces the Gospel: a sign of love and peace, a call to conversion and reconciliation”.
This call, he continued, should take into account “those who do not yet know Jesus Christ and his message of salvation, and those who, though baptized, have drifted away from the Church”.

In 2013 Pope Francis told us in Evangelii Gaudium that evangelisation must start with an emphasis on God’s saving love before proclaiming doctrines and follow the “way of beauty”. Patience and “respectful and compassionate listening” are also a key part of evangelisation, he added.

“The Gospel tells us to correct others and to help them to grow on the basis of a recognition of the objective evil of their actions, but without making judgments about their responsibility and culpability… our personal experience of being accompanied and assisted, and of openness to those who accompany us, will teach us to be patient and compassionate with others, and to find the right way to gain their trust, their openness and their readiness to grow,” he wrote.

I guess the point is that we are all sinners. Jesus died for sinners, and it is our job to take the mercy we have experienced to the the people around us that we talk to everyday – even on Facebook. He invites us to turn away from Sin and come into a life-changing living relationship with Himself. This is the thing that is missing.

What we have to remember is that from the outside Christianity is totally bonkers. Why on earth would you listen to someone who tells you “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” – Luke 9:23. To invite a person experiencing same-sex attraction to accept their cross is something that simply cannot happen unless that person has found a greater love in Christ. This is the thing that is missing. This is why people cannot fathom what you are talking about. Christianity is a paradox. It’s all about Christ. It’s all about love, real love, agape love. And the incredibly challenging love we are called to is cross-shaped. It’s not easy – but it is worth it :) <3

How many people do you know who are in a life-changing living relationship with Christ? How many Catholics? What about you?

How are you supposed to bring Christ to others if you are blocking the people who need Him the most? Yours might be the only voice they hear who offers them the way out of where they currently are and into a new life in Him.

By all means defend marriage, but teach why we believe what we do. Speak the truth, proclaim the good news of the resurrection, of mercy and forgiveness, invite people to turn away from sin and come back to God, but choose your tone and words carefully. And perhaps consider friending all those people you just unfriended.

(I will be taking my own advice here ;) )


Dog-men at the Gay pride March 2015

Yesterday same-sex mirage became legal in America. The gay community are heralding it as a triumph for equal dignity.
Above is a pic of 3 dog-men at the gay pride march that took place in the UK today. As you can see they are celebrating ‘equal dignity’. ‘Dignity’ seems a funny word to use doesn’t it? Perhaps they have re-defined that too?

Hey ho, each to their own. I suppose equality is important – but only if you qualify for it…

Benjamin Butterworth (a gay man himself) writing in The Independent today, tells us that “The gay community is now as ignorant as the people it once opposed.”
He tells us that “the modern gay community – equal in law and thereabouts in culture – has turned in on itself. It brandishes the attitudes and outlooks that once-upon-a-time it would define itself against. Looking like an inward, aggressive group of judgemental trolls.”
It seems that Gay Pride UK banned the lgbt faction of Ukip from participating in the March! Apparently simply being gay is not good enough anymore – you have to be left wing too.
Butterworth goes on to ask “Why draw the line at banning pro-equality UKIP members? Why not ban gay Catholics? Or lesbian Muslims?…in this day and age, self-appointed activists now mimic the angry, illiberal attitudes that are used to oppress them.”

I have to say I agree with him.

Speaking of angry liberal attitudes…


World youth day 2013.

Here is a pic from World Youth Day 2013 in Madrid. An angry gay protestor shouts abuse at a Catholic teenage pilgrim who knelt down to pray for him. She described what happened:

“One guy who stopped us said there was an anti Catholic protest in Sol so we went to check it out.
We went in and people were shouting filthy slurs and cursing the Pope and it was awful.
So we knelt down and prayed a Rosary for them in the crowd and got surrounded by angry protesters, shouting and threatening and spitting and filming us and mocking us and trying to burn our flags.
A gay couple came and made out in front of us, but whatever…”

What struck me most about this amazing photo was the peace vs anger, the beauty vs ugliness, and above all the undeniable dignity of the young pilgrims.

Perhaps dignity is not something that can be achieved by demanding it. Perhaps it is not achievable by man on his own. Perhaps real dignity comes from God.


Still waiting for the pope to speak on Medj. Still waiting… This was my experience…

Originally posted on Faith in our Families:

This is my personal experience of, and witness to Medjugorje. I would like you to share this post to draw more attention to the best place on earth, so that others may have the opportunity to fall in love with Medugorje, Mother Mary, and ultimately Her beloved Son Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Medj has not currently been approved or condemned. We wait for the pope to speak on this issue.

Day 4…

I was introduced to Adoration on my 3rd trip to Medjugorje about 8 years ago. That evening, during an incredibly powerful and beautiful experience of Jesus’ real presence in the Eucharist, my ‘love affair’ with Jesus (especially through the eucharist) began.

Earlier that day we had listened to a talk from one of the visionaries telling us to ‘pray with our hearts’. (I had actually been doing this for years, but in a very negative way. I…

View original 718 more words

So I’ve just come back from my first Carmelite silent retreat. It was awesome.


With 3 kids and a sick husband i could only commit to going for 24 hours so I was determined to make the most of it. Of course my alarm didn’t go off the morning i was going, so I arrived late and unfortunately i missed the first talk.


When I did get there I suddenly realised that i had completely forgotten to reply to the original email so there for i had forgotten to book a room, and it seems they were fully booked.


Thankfully, one of the other seculars was leaving that afternoon, so they allowed me to stay in her room. I apologised, and thanked her – in silence.

Actually the silence was exactly what i needed. I was tired from my stressful morning and 2 hour drive and so the first thing i did was to make a cup of tea and go and find a nice spot in the beautiful grounds to sit quietly on my own. Of course at this point it started raining.


Never mind. There was some benches undercover, and the chapel was open 24/7. So i had a little explore round silently on my own.

After about an hour i started getting restless. An hour of silence is a complete luxury for me. In fact i would go as far as to say it is completely alien. I have 3 screaming kids and an unemployed husband. My home is NOT a quiet place. I’m just not used to it any more. I didn’t realise how noisy my life had become.

But the real issue was the fact that the silence was making me aware of all the internal noise going on within me. It was actually making me extremely uncomfortable. Ironically, at home, the constant screaming and shouting actually serves to distract me from what is going on inside me. But now i was in a situation where the silence was forcing me to confront the things inside. It was ugly. I didn’t want to admit a lot of stuff. I needed to find a distraction.

So i got my phone out and went on Facebook. In silence.


When I had finally summed up enough courage to instruct my friends to block me for the next 24 hours because i was on silent retreat (because i have no will power AT ALL) I finally found myself alone. With God.

I couldn’t take it! I just COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! So i started talking to myself. Out loud.


Thankfully at this point it was time for the second talk which focused on Teresa of Avila and how she described our own personal relationship with God as something that is inseparable from our relationship within our own communities, and how we need great humility to be able to live this active/contemplative life of prayer. And even though the talk was excellent and hit exactly the right chord – this was pretty much the last straw for me.

I had to face the ugly fact that i had been using prayer as a distraction from my responsibilities as a wife and a mother. The truth is that i’m not particularly enjoying my vocation at the moment. It feels like i am completely trapped in a life of screaming kids and “conversations” about the fact that we have not had an income for 18 months and what the hell we are going to do about it.  My home feels like a prison. God is the jailer and my sentence is marriage and family (God forgive me for saying so…)

To admit the fact that i am physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted and heavily resenting my vocation is something i had been avoiding admitting to myself for a long, long time. Besides – when you are in the situation of constant noise and relentless activity, the exhaustion becomes, well, normal. It is only when faced with silence, real silence, that the external and internal distractions start to melt away and I find myself alone with God. This is Carmel.

“Ok.” I said out loud. “If i’m going to have to face this with You then I’m going to need a packet of Cigarettes.”

four hands of teens with thumbs up gestures and cigarettes

“WHAT???!!!” I hear you say – “A Catholic mother of 3 smoking???!!! On retreat???!!!”  Yes, I’m afraid so. I spent most of the rest of the evening sitting outside in the rain smoking, and and polarising between being extremely angry with God, and begging Him for help. In fact I stayed out there so long into the night, I actually found myself locked out of the retreat centre. In the rain.


So eventually they let me in and I went to my room to dry my tears and lay down in the silence – until the fire alarm went of at 1am and proceeded to “BLAH!BLAH!BLAH!” until 4am.

Awesome silent retreat. Awesome.

For those of you who don’t know already, I had my own cake business for 9 years. I was sadly forced to close the business after same-sex marriage became law here in the UK last year, and it became pretty obvious pretty quickly that the law was not going to protect my right to follow my religious beliefs in regard to traditional marriage.

After all – I wouldn’t want anyone threatening to sue me now would I? ;)

Well, it just so happens that a priest friend of mine was celebrating a significant birthday recently and I had the pleasure of making him a cake.

I thoroughly enjoyed making this cake. And before someone says “blahdy-blahdy-blah…” not everything is necessarily accurate. I have used a bit of artistic license! It is just a cake after all.

The cake itself was banana sponge, and the flowers are all made out of sugar. The monstrance, cross, pillars, and statue are plastic. The rest is made out of icing. The stained glass window is a giant biscuit filled with coloured melted sugar to make the glass. The whole thing took about 2 days to make. And yes – he loved it!

Anyway, all glory to God!… Enjoy!




Catholic faithful take Holy Communion and pray for the safety of kidnapped Chibok school girls during a morning Mass given in honour of the schoolgirls, in Abuja, Nigeria, Sunday May 11, 2014.   The failure to rescue the kidnapped girl students who remain captive after some four weeks has attracted mounting national and international outrage, and one of the teenagers who escaped from the Islamic extremists who abducted the hundreds of schoolgirls, science student Sarah Lawan said Sunday in an interview with The Associated Press the kidnapping was "too terrifying for words". (AP Photo/Sunday Alamba)

Let me ask you a question: Do you hunger for the Eucharist?

Today is the feast of Corpus Christi – the Body of Christ. The priest at mass today asked this same question. He brought to attention the fact that many do not hunger, but just go through the motions each week at mass. He went on to talk about how we approach Jesus in the Eucharist and whether we are ready to receive Him. Whether we are really aware that it is God that we are approaching.

Speaking as someone who experiences constant ravenous hunger for the Eucharist, I found this really eye opening. I have always thought of this ravenous hunger, this insatiable longing as a negative thing. But after hearing what he said I guess it is not a bad thing at all, but instead it actually gives great glory to the God whom I crave for so much.

For some reason all these things together made me think of feeding my babies. When they would toddle up to me and pull on my leg, looking up at me wide eyed – expecting me to pop something nice into their wide open mouths! They always reminded me of little baby birds when they did this!

But when they did approach me in this way it never ceased to put a smile on my face. My beautiful little sweat-hearts, constantly pestering me to satisfy them. Always coming back to ask for more! Wide eyes, open mouths, longing to be nourished.

feed 3

I suppose what moves a parents heart the most is the fact that this little child is so utterly dependent on you, and is not afraid to show it.

Is this not the perfect way in which we should be approaching the Jesus in Eucharist? Wide eyed and open mouthed?

feed 4

An Eastern rite Catholic lady receives the Body and Blood of Christ.

As I approach Jesus in the Eucharist in this way I am not only demonstrating my complete reliance on Him as Father to nourish and satisfy me, but also on His priest who stands in Persona Christi – and whom without, there would be no Mass and no Eucharist.

feed 6

He is my Father, and I am His hungry little child. And I will keep coming back for more.

“And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 18:3.


Well by the end of yesterday I was starting to feel a little bit of sympathy for Fr. Dan who has had to face the music. Then this morning he posts this *remarkable* letter on Twitter. He is still accusing me of abusive/insulting language towards him, yet still fails to produce any evidence of this AT ALL.

Thankfully he has admitted he was wrong in calling the Holy Spirit a female – he was simply re-tweeting Fr James Martin (who must also be wrong then?) And that the post in favour of gay marriage was ‘not his own views’ but simply put their to encourage discussion! Does this mean that you actually think the Marriage can only exist between 1 woman and 1 man Fr Dan? Would you like to actually come out and affirm that for us all? Go on – I dare you.

Well, I’m glad to see him apologise for his Holy Spirit comments …



Fr. Dan Fitzpatrick

This is not a spoof post. This actually happened.

So my in previous article I wrote about how Fr James Martin SJ and Fr. Dan Fitzpatrick had been tweeting about how the Holy Spirit was female:

Father james martin

dan fitz

And how both of them had been sharing posts saying that ‘Ireland is for gay marriage because it is Catholic’.

Fr. Dan 1

And I gave them both a jolly good clip round the ear about openly contradicting the teachings of the Catholic church. Well, this morning I got a message from Fr Dan threatening me with legal action because I was ‘defaming his character’.

Fr dan legal 1

I messaged him back saying:

“Would you like to tell me the 2 statements that cause you upset? I would be happy to rephrase anything that is not correct.”

He messaged back with:

Fr dan legal 2

Edited out some of the abusive comments??! I did nothing of the sort! The truth is that there were no abusive comments to begin with. It is all there in black and white, clear as crystal for the whole world to read. There was however an extremely abusive comment from a lady who seems to hate me. I was able to track her IP address to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Does anyone know who Christine Wright is?

Christine right

Anyway, I wrote back to Fr. Dan saying:

“Again, if you tell me exactly what 2 statements are bothering you, I am happy to rephrase them. From a legal point of view, because I have offered to amend any offending statements, the problem can be resolved and there is no reason to take the matter further. Your solicitor will be able to explain this to you in more detail.

Besides, suing me because I pulled you up on calling the Holy Spirit ‘her’ is going to be rather difficult for you as what you said is in direct contradiction to the Catholic faith!

As I said before, the best thing you can do now is to admit you didn’t understand the ancient Hebrew, and stop listening to Fr James Martin. I’m throwing you a life line here! I gave you the chance to put your side across before I wrote the article. I’m giving you another chance now to redeem yourself. Don’t waste it. I will always support priests who defend the churches teaching. Come back to us Fr Dan. Don’t sell yourself out. I couldn’t bear to watch that happen to a young priest. All my prayers and fasting next week is for you xx”

A few hours later I was alerted to the fact that Fr. Dan had posted a rather bizarre Tweet:

Fr dan apology

WHAT???!!! I did nothing of the sort! What am I supposed to be apologising for?

I’m afraid to tell you that I did no such thing. This is a bare faced lie from Fr Dan, obviously trying to close down the whole affair because he realises by this point that I am not one to be scared off by threats or bullying. But wait.. there’s more! Then his best mate Fr Marc Lyden-Smith gets on board:

Fr marc apology

I’m sorry – am I missing something here?! Has everyone seen this alleged apology except me?! Can anyone tell me what I apologised for?!

Fr Marc is the other half of the duo ‘The PodFathers’ With Fr Dan. You can hear their pod casts at http://thepodfrs.blogspot.co.uk/

'The PodFathers' - Fr. Dan Fitzpatrick and Fr Marc Lyden-Smith

‘The PodFathers’ – Fr. Dan Fitzpatrick and Fr Marc Lyden-Smith

Actually Fr Marc seems rather pleasant in the above Tweet. Much more pleasant than he was last night:

Fr Marc 2

Hmmm… Where’s all your feel good peace and love gone Fr. Marc?

And then of course there was this:

Fr Dan seen sense

I’m not sure Faith in Our Families has ever been described as an offensive blog before?! But I guess there is a first time for everything! I also guess it’s good news that I have ‘seen sense’ and deleted all these fictitious libellous comments!

Please – Fr Dan, could you produce these libellous comments for us all to see? No, I didn’t think so.

What appalling behaviour from 2 Catholic priests. It’s just embarrassing. I will be speaking to their Bishop.

Well, time is ticking on. There is only a few hours left until midnight, when Fr Dan will launch his legal campaign against me. Although I’m not sure what suing a Mum of 3 with a recovering husband will do to for his already damaged reputation. He certainly wont get any money out of us – as regular readers of this blog know, our family has not had an income for over 18 months now!

Someone please notify Michael Voris would you?! And the CDF while you are at it! I’ve got a headache…

Let’s start by getting one thing straight shall we? The Holy Spirit is not a boy. It is not a girl. It is a spirit. But let’s also remember that as human beings we have limited ways of expressing our understanding and knowledge of God. Our language is not perfect. And even with our male and female nouns and pronouns we still often struggle to correctly describe certain theological things.


Our limited non-perfect attempts at expression do not give us the right to skew the truth to what we would prefer it to look like. A misplaced word or phrase has massive connotations for certain situations – especially theological ones, and can completely change the meaning of a certain word and the proper teaching behind it. In short – it is not difficult to lead people down the wrong path.

For those in a position of power or trust, this is an incredibly important issue. It is so important for the Pope that he has his own personal moral theologian who oversees every written speech, homily and even his Tweets.

Speaking of Tweets…

Father james martin

Hmmm. For those of you who don’t know Fr. James Martin, he is an extremely well known Jesuit in America who has written plenty of books and has a very large social media following. His views are vague and liberal. He is not particularly concerned with upholding the truths of the catholic faith but instead is interested in discussing issues like gay marriage, women’s ordination ect… He leaves the content of his posts ‘open’ but does not step in to correct the ordinary person in the pew when they reply to his Facebook posts with comments like:

“Thank you, Fr. Jim for your post. My wife and I are remarried divorced Catholics who anxiously await some change in the Church’s position on people like us. More importantly, though, we have a number of gay and lesbian friends including two married male couples each of whose love for each other could serve as an example to many couples, both heterosexual and homosexual! I pray that the day will come when all of us can be completely reunited within the Church we love and were raised in! God bless you.”

“It was such an honor to obtain a secular appointment to officiate at legal marriages. I have only presided over one: the civil marriage of two wonderful gay friends who have been in a committed relationship for more than 30 years. I know the church would not approve of my doing this, but my conscience and the Holy Spirit said that their union must be legal and blessed.”

Well, I guess if the Holy Spirit told you it was ok to go against church teachings then ‘she’ is right! (Goodness gracious me…)

But every so often priests like this get a little too big for their liberal boots and end up making a big boo-boo. By calling the Holy Spirit ‘her’ based on the ancient Hebrew term ‘ruach’ is one of these big boo-boo’s. Now I am not an ancient Hebrew expert myself – but I have a few friends who are, and I showed them this tweet (hiding Fr. James’ identity) and asked them to give me their honest opinion:

“Hilarious. Just another modern sort suffering from theological confusion. Who said that? According to Strong’s concordance it is a feminine noun. However, in Gen 1:2 it is used with a masculine noun (elohim). It is a fascinating usage. Ruach (feminine) Elohim (masculine plural). Literally translated as Spirit of Gods. The Rabbis are still working that one out.

The Holy Spirit is pure spirit and does not have gender. Gender is of the material creaturely realm. Angels and God do not have gender (though the Son does because he has a body!!). Digressing slightly, the Son is often referred to as the Wisdom of God, but the book of Wisdom refers to wisdom in the feminine! The word ‘Spirit’ as ruach feminine noun, but it does not mean it applies exclusively to women, as per English language. Hebrew is ancient and thus has different rules to English, so he cannot apply the same rules.

The New Testament word is ‘pneuma’ which is a neutral noun. The only phrase I can find where Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit using gender is John 15:26, ‘The advocate…he will…’ Either way, the Holy Spirit is ‘Elohim’ which is specifically masculine, and God is always referred to in the masculine, thus we should always speak of God like that.”

So it seems Fr James either needs to brush up on his ancient biblical nouns, or he knows quite well that what he was saying was a load of old nonsense. But either way – he knew very well to begin with that the church does not refer to the Holy Spirit as a female.

A comment like this has consequences theologically. I mean – what does it mean for Our Lady? Would it make her part of some sort of life giving same-sex union with a female holy spirit? Does that mean that Jesus had 2 mums? What would this sort of idea mean to someone who was not so well educated in theological terms and was dealing with same-sex attraction themselves? Would they feel that because a priest was saying this it was giving them the affirmation they were seeking that a same-sex union, even a same-sex family was ok? It might. I certainly can’t find anything Fr James has ever written saying that marriage can only occur between a man and a woman (correct me if I’m wrong here).

He is leading the people of God down the wrong path.

He is also leading younger priests down the wrong path.

dan fitz

Hmmm. Again I went to a friend who has studied both theology and ancient Hebrew and asked them (without revealing Fr Dan’s identity) to give an opinion on this statement:

“First premise is wrong. The Holy Trinity NEVER acts alone – and to say the main way we relate to God is through the Spirit is to misunderstand the Spirit’s role is to lead us to the Father, by leading us to Jesus, who is the perfect image of the Father. Seems also to downplay the objectivity of the Holy Eucharist which is a tangible participation in the real Body and Blood of Christ – hardly and insignificant relation to God, rather a particularly intimate one.

Second point is that the gender of verbs really does not get you very far – the Spirit proceeds from the Father AND the Son – being the love between them, being the glory of Jesus – therefore to posit a kind of competing feminine identity for the creative/salvific mission of God is – heresy. We in fact are the feminine – we are the receptive ones to the Spirit. This is a very dangerous and confused idea – and comes from someone with only a superficial understanding of both language and theology.”

Oh dear. So here you have a young guy – not even been a priest for 2 years, and he is being led astray by the nonsense of a much older and more experienced priest – whom I’m sure he trusts. However, Fr Dan also knows full well that the church has never referred to the Holy Spirit as a female. It kills me to see priests go astray like this – especially young priests. I pray and fast too much for priests to let them throw themselves into Satan’s arms like this. If they don’t like or agree with what the Catholic church teaches them why stay in the Catholic Church? There are plenty of Protestant churches where you can believe whatever the hell you like – go and join one of them. The Catholic church requires solid faithful priests with strong backbones, not lily-livered flannels who’s limp theology destroys the church from within. What’s going on with these guys?

Do they think that by throwing a bit of ancient Hebrew around they are sounding clever? Do they think they have suddenly found a new and incredibly ‘inclusive and diverse’ theology that the church must have inadvertently missed for the last 2000 years? Trying to make the faith ‘acceptable’ to today’s politically correct culture of death? Are they trying to look cool and clever?! Or are they just trying to forward their own warped theological ideas of what they would prefer the Catholic faith to look like?

I contacted both priests today and explained the female/male noun thing and asked them for and explanation. Neither of them admitted error. In fact quite the opposite – although Fr James Martin SJ did delete the Holy Spirit quote from his Twitter feed when he realised it actually made him look a complete um… twit.

Here is another post both these guys shared:

Fr. Dan 1

Worrying isn’t it? And as you can see from the comments, no attempt was made to correct this pseudo idea of ‘Love’ that is being floated around. The person in the pew has been left in error.

If our priests do not believe in the teachings of the church, is it any wonder that the people of God go astray. Maybe we should ask Ireland… When the shepherds lose their way, the sheep perish in the desert.

I’ll leave you with the well known Patrick Swayze liberal hymn to the Holy Spirit “She’s like the wind” (I’m just kidding! Bad joke – I know! – Keep smiling people :) )


After watching the wonderful Tree Change Dolls video in which grubby old dolls get changed into pretty little girl dolls, I thought I’d have a bash at it myself. And although my one was no way near as good as theirs, I did have loads of fun, and now my daughter has a much more appropriate looking doll to play with. I always thought these old dolls looked very over sexualised.

All I did was to remove the existing features using nail varnish remover, and then painted on a new face. Tree Change Dolls uses acrylic paint I think,  but I didn’t have any so I just used my own nail varnish (of which I have every colour under the sun!)









What is really funny is that the new doll has been re-named Lily, and seems to have developed a new personality. Now apparently Lily is in charge because she is ‘prettier’! Ha!ha!
I’ll have to give her ugly sister a make-under too…


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