Bereavement gives us the widowed and the orphaned. But there is no word in the English language to describe Parents who have lost a child. It is as if society is afraid to label this type of grief. How can a loving God allow this type of thing to happen? Obviously the story of Jairus’ daughter had a miraculous and happy ending, but not all stories end like this.

Why does God allow us to suffer? If a bad person suffers, we as humans find some justice in this – but an innocent child? In all these questions we must look to the cross and the resurrection. Jesus did not deserve to be crucified. He’d done nothing wrong. So I guess it would be true to say that the crucifixion was ‘unfair’! But he understood that God had a plan.  His suffering brought about our redemption. There was a greater purpose that wasn’t understood until after the resurrection. As is it is for our suffering in this life – we don’t know why we have to suffer most of the time. It does seem desperately unfair. And we will only know the answers once we reach our eternal life in Heaven. All we can be assured of is that our life, suffering and death are things that are passing. Our life here on earth is only temporary – death is not the end. Through Jesus’ resurrection we have been assured of eternal life after death.

The reality is that even with Jesus’ cross and resurrection, losing a child seems to make very little sense. But without Jesus’ cross and resurrection, it makes no sense at all.

I remember the story of a Father who had just lost his 10 year old son and was so stricken with grief he began to shout at God “What have I done wrong? I begged you to help my sick son but you let him die. Where were you when I needed you? Where were you when my son died?” He immediately felt God speak into his heart saying “The same place I was when My Son died”.

God the Father knows what it is like to lose an innocent child – and He did it for us!??!