This is my personal experience of, and witness to Medjugorje. I would like you to share this post to draw more attention to the best place on earth, so that others may have the opportunity to fall in love with Medugorje, Mother Mary, and ultimately Her beloved Son Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Day 4…

I was introduced to Adoration on my 3rd trip to Medjugorje about 8 years ago. That evening, during an incredibly powerful and beautiful experience of Jesus’ real presence in the Eucharist, my ‘love affair’ with Jesus (especially through the eucharist) began.

Earlier that day we had listened to a talk from one of the visionaries telling us to ‘pray with our hearts’. (I had actually been doing this for years, but in a very negative way. I spent most of my teenage years telling God how much i hated Him. I always believed in Him – but i was just so angry with Him. Then one day i heard the words “Clare, I’ve never forced you to believe in me.” This was the beginning of my conversion.) So there i was in St. James’ church trying to think of what to say to Jesus during Adoration – but all i had in my mind was a load of old nonsense! So i said “Well here you go – take it! This is whats in my mind – you can have it, that’s all i can do!” At that point i was suddenly struck still and (with my heart – not my eyes) i saw a hand come out from the Eucharist and come right over to me and then go into my chest and onto my heart. Then i was aware of Jesus standing right next to me – it was of course his hand. I could not see him with my eyes, but it was the same as if you were standing right next to someone and you had your eyes closed. You are aware of their breathing and their presence but you can’t see them. Then He began to press on my heart with His hand. I thought i was going to fall down but managed to hang onto the bench in front of me. I could hardly breathe. Then He pressed further and i could feel Him looking at me, gently but intensely, right up close to the left hand side of my face. Then i heard the words “Clare, you have to come to me – everyday – and tell Me that you love Me.” He was referring to Himself in the Eucharist. All this time i was totally aware of (a better word would be ‘bathed’) in the complete awe , wonder and majesty that is God. He stayed for a few moments more, and then took the pressure off my heart and then left.

Now you can begin to understand why from that point on my heart would not let me accept Holy Communion in any other way than directly onto my tongue. Sometimes my heart does still burn within me, especially during mass or at adoration, but it is only a shadow of what i felt on that day back in 2004.
Having no idea of what actually happened to me, and having no real way to express it (if i ever did try to articulate it i would have burst into tears) I kept this experience to myself for 8 years. The only reason i tell you now is that you too may know that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist.

The adoration service in Medjugorje is usually attended by approximately 10,000 people several times a week. In the summer it is held outside at the back of the church under the stars. It is quiet, gentle, still, silent adoration that has short reflections read out in several different languages. The atmosphere is full of love and gentleness. Jesus is present on the altar in a larger than normal host approximately 30cm – in a huge splendid gold monstrance. There is a large screen to the side of the altar giving a close up view of the eucharist. Today I still find adoration to be an incredibly personal and tender experience. One in which I can draw closer to Jesus in a calm,  un-hurried way. Adoration is an essential part of my relationship with Jesus. It is our time together. Where we share what is in our hearts.
I would encourage everyone to find out what time adoration is happening in your local parish and take some time to spend with Jesus.
Adoration here in Medjugorje is of course, wonderful! Wish you could be here? You almost can! This is live streamed via Please, check it out. Spend some time with the Lord in this way.